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ilove March 31, 2008

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I didn’t even like olive oil up until a couple of years ago which is sort of strange especially since I lived in Israel for quite a few years and the amount of olive trees surrounding my house was enormous and the locals made the freshest greenest olive oil ever. I didn’t like it in salads or in cooking or anywhere; I tried some “light” olive oil at my husband’s house – we didn’t click either. I am not sure when or how but I became to love it and I want to share with you my new purchase – an olive oil from New Zealand which is different from all other olive oils I have ever tasted.

 p1050377.jpgThe color is like my cat’s eyes and to me the smell is a combination of olive and grape seeds…

I never use it for cooking but soaking a piece of bread in it is just out of this world, drizzle some over fresh mozzarella and basil or over some fresh pasta (add chopped garlic, basil, black pepper and some parmigiano reggiano and run somewhere where no one can find you and lock the door)…

It is an extra virgin olive oil, the bottle says it is a specially blended cool climate oil, grown and pressed in NZ which results in such a unique smell and taste.

ilove olive


Paupiettes March 27, 2008

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p1050039.jpgAvery cool and simple way to make every presentation whether its meat or fish to look festive and sophisticated, and ain’t that’s what we all want when we have people over?

Take a fillet of fish (or meat- the original recipe was made with veal scallopini), score it a few times so it does not curl while it is cooking, and flatten it with the back (the side of a wide knife also works) of your knife to make it even thinner, be careful no to tear it apart; roll it; secure with a toothpick and cook – either in stock, water, sauce or pan fry and finish in the oven if necessary. Cut in half (so they have a flat base) and present on your plate – whatever your recipe might be it will not change the essence of it, just the looks.

On the picture is my variation of Paupiettes de Sole Biatrice which are Sole paupiettes with cream rich shrimp sauce, mushrooms and wild rice.


Rodney’s Oyster House

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I’ve seen this white door a few times and even came in to see the menu and ask for the wait time once but it never seemed to work out for us (me and the door) though it looked inviting and it smelled sooo good behind it…


Every time I passed this place it was packed and last Saturday was no exception, we put our names on the list and came back half an hour later. We spent that half hour walking along Hamilton street which is full with restaurants (including the very nice, a return visit demanding Blue Water Cafe) drooling on half the menus displayed outside – gotta know your city…

Got a bottle of wine and while contemplating the menu observed the guy shucking the oysters behind the bar – he was filling one plate after the other after the next. We tried some fried Oysters on the islands (San Juan islands, WA) this summer and they smelled foul and I couldn’t make myself eat those, the same applied to my husband. We were sitting at the bar and my curiosity overpowered me – I asked for one Oyster. The guy working there took my request as seriously as he could, he made me a special little plate with crushed ice and all the garnishes, he personally poured some red wine vinegar and lemon juice on it and even some fresh grated horseradish – yum! It was a small Oyster from the sea of Cortez and I loved it! Another half a dozen or varied Oysters followed the first one; those were already accompanied by a full tray of different sauces -so I can try- including a pepper infused vodka which I thought went really well with the Oysters.

Rodney’s also offers a very nice, small, menu with chowders, mussels, shrimp, fish, salads, pasta, live crab and lobster as well as a daily special – on Sat it was a seared tuna with some Asian influences. We had the delicious Scallop Galette – pan fried, potato crusted (can’t go wrong here!!!) scallops with plum sauce and salad greens as well as some Crab cakes also served with a salad and spicy Chili sauce.

The evening was declared a success!

Address: 1228 Hamilton str.

Tel: 604-609 0080

WWW:  I don’t know why but on the website it shows Toronto as the only location (maybe there are two of them, or maybe they relocated…?) and the menu is different from the one here in Vancouver.


Finally… March 26, 2008

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I have been thinking about this for a while…I love food, I love restaurants, I love cooking and baking and I love reading about food so I will give writing about food a chance as well.

This blog will contain restaurant recommendations by city or country as well as recipes and other food related topics and photos.

Hope you enjoy :)