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Lumiere in Vancouver – review February 2, 2009

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Lumiere had an introductory $58, 3 course prix fixe (instead of the usual $98) during the 2 weeks of DineOut Vancouver 2009 – I do not know if it had anything to do with that but frankly my darling(s), I don’t give a damn!

The restaurant was almost full Sunday night @ 8:30pm, except for maybe 3 tables; the decor is great, the music is a nice background, service is professional and attentive, wine picks were perfect and the food was definitely interesting and rightfully praised by the various critics.

The amuse bouche was a selection of 3 miniature treats – a crab salad wrapped in lettuce with some squash strings at its basis; a squash soup with brown butter and sage foam; a squash quiche with yogurt topping which was tangy and was a nice offset for the sweet squash. For the appetizer we both chose the Lobster Bisque with lobster meat medallions (which I assume were made from lobster meat processed into a smooth cream and combined with some gelatin creating cute lobster coins of sort) which was delicious and appropriate for the weather the only thing I did not care for were the chipollini onions and carrots which were few but not required in my opinion. Seconds…I had the squash ravioli with pork belly and black trumpet mushrooms, those were delicious and very pretty; my husband has the veal trio (tongue grebiche ,tender loin with chanterelles and sweetbreads with ziti) which he enjoyed as well. A cheese selection followed (not included in the 3 course prix fixe) and it was a well selected one :) Desserts – if a meal was good but desserts were not, for me its a deal breaker and I was really glad this wasn’t the case here! My husband, the conservative, had a warm chocolate cake with Sicilian pistachio gelato and I had the caramelized pineapple with coconut rice pudding and pina-colada ice cream which was both refreshing and interesting – exactly what I wanted it to be! With the bill we got another treat, warm-out-of-the-oven mini citrus madeleines – nothing tastes or smells better than a baked anything right out of the oven :)

Bottom line, go and enjoy :)


Address: 2551 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC   Tel: 604-739 8185


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