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The place for chocolate and the place for drinks April 20, 2009

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There are two places I have visited this weekend and want to recommend :) I had no opportunity to start sharing my Seattle area food experiences though I moved here over a month ago but I really want to try and catch up…

So…an incredibly great place to come for drinks with an undisturbed view of Lake Washington, on the east side, facing the sunset (obviously) is the Beach Cafe in Kirkland – the view is a million dollars! I do not know anything about the food but a glass of wine or a beer at this place are bound to set you in a good mood.

Address: 1270 Carillon Point, Kirkland  Tel: 425-889 0303 ext. 4


The second place is a paradise for chocolate lovers, especially those who value good quality chocolate, it is a small store on Queen Anne avenue in Seattle called Chocolopolis. Whats so good about it? a large selection of chocolate bars from different countries, quite a few are dark chocolate from single origin beans, as well as a small counter with a nice selection of truffles both local and foreign. Oh, yes…there is hot chocolate too :)

Address: 1527 Queen Anne ave. N., Seattle  Tel: 206-282 0776



Zucchini and Ricotta pancakes with smoked trout

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The mild flavour of  ricotta makes it  perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes; you can eat it as is or cook it, use it as a base for a sauce or as a sandwich topping (french toast with ricotta, drizzled with honey and some fresh fruits like figs for example…). This pancake recipe is also diverse as it could be a full meal, a side dish or even a snack in a buffet style meal. I paired mine with some smoked trout but you are welcome to use any type of smoked fish or use nothing at all and keep it vegetarian.

You need: 2 small-medium zucchini * 1 clove of garlic – minced * 300 gr ricotta cheese * salt and freshly ground black pepper * bread crumbs (plain)

You do:Grate the  zucchini, mix in a bit of salt and let it stand at room temperature for just a little while (not more than 30 minutes), squeeze out as much water as possible out of the zucchini. Mix it with the  garlic, ricotta (a bit more than 300gr  if the zucchini are medium or less if you have really tiny baby ones), salt and black pepper to taste. Form your cakes and roll them in the bread crumbs, saute in a non stick pan with a mild flavoured oil like Canola. Yields 6-8 pancakes.

To serve: fresh dill and sour cream – mandatory! smoked trout, salad greens and tomatoes – optional :)