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Halva Ice Cream May 14, 2010

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My husband loves Halva so this ice cream and this post is for him :)

Halva is a traditional sweet made of sesame paste and sugar with various additions, some more traditional like nuts and vanilla and some more modern like cacao or a layer of chocolate. So I figured why shouldn’t I try making an ice cream that tastes like halva…?

You will need:

1  3/4 cup Tahini

1 cup sugar (I used 1 1/2 cups because my husband has a really sweet tooth but I think 1 cup is sufficient for the rest of us) 

2 cups of milk

2 tsp vanilla

Now, about the main ingredient – Tahini (sesame paste); it is liquid and if its a good one it has a layer of oil on top which you just have to stir in before using. I prefer imported Tahini from the Middle East to the US manufactured one, it has a better flavor and texture, though I cannot explain the reason (maybe a different variety of sesame…?).

I mixed the Tahini with the sugar and then added the milk and vanilla and churned normally on high speed like I usually do, the ice cream is amazingly creamy and has a superb texture and if it wasn’t for all the sugar it would have been almost healthy :) Feel free to add nuts, especially Pistachios at the end of the churning process or just sprinkle them on top when serving.



One Response to “Halva Ice Cream”

  1. That sounds like quite a treat, however I doubt my ability to finish “all of it,” regardless of the serving size. It’s so rich anyhow. Have you tried the one covered in chocolate, as opposed to having a layer of chocolate?
    I recently wrote a post about the journeys of halva, please take a gander.

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