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Thomas Haas, Vancouver March 11, 2009


It was a very pleasant discovery – a proper bakery in North Vancouver, making European pastries on a professional level, the only unpleasant part was that I discovered it only recently and now I moved back to WA so the next visit will not be any time soon.

Thomas Haas is famous for his chocolates and you can purchase them in high-end grocery stores like Whole Foods, Meinhardt’s and Capers…to be honest I have tasted the chocolates but wasn’t impressed, neither was my husband but the pastries do compensate for it big time! The space is tiny with two counters inside and a couple of outside tables. We have visited a couple of times and it was packed! The sandwiches are delicious and grilled if you want them to be, coffee is good and the pastries and delicious – both the cakes of sorts as well as the croissants and tarts – worth a detour even if you do not live in the neighborhood :)



Address:  998 Harbourside Drive, North Vancouver   Tel: 604-924-1847 


Beard Papa’s Cream puffs in Vancouver December 1, 2008

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Choux pastry shells filled on the spot with Vanilla custard (real one, I saw the seeds) – yum!  

Cash only =)

Address: 1184 Denman Street



Salsa and Agave Mexican Grill Review October 30, 2008

I have been looking for two things for quite a while –  a good takeout place near my house and a good, no frills, Mexican restaurant with authentic food. I tried Lolita’s on Davie and it was good but it is an “upscale” Mexican food; I tried El Taco on Davie as well and it the food wasn’t so good, it was overpriced and the service was slow slow slow. Salsa and Agave does answer all my prayers though – its not a place to go for dinner as it is rather casual but for a lunch or some takeout in the evening its perfect! It is a family run place, the food is very good, the service is quick and prices are very reasonable. Happy Happy Happy!

Address: 1223 Pacific Blvd the corner of Davie  Tel: 604-408 4228


Shiro Sushi Vancouver July 14, 2008

Absolutely the freshest fish in town, just melts in your mouth!

In a tiny strip mall, on Cambie str, neighboring a beauty salon and probably a dry cleaner or something similar hides one of the best sushi places in town (from the ones I have visited) – it has a nice atomosphere, offers an extensive menu (in addition to the sushi) and good value.

The Nigiri does melt in your mouth; Temaki (cone/hand roll) are flavorful and the sashimi are like little jewels. I had a few sushi rolls there as well and they were good. 

Address: 3096 Cambie str. Tel: 604-874 0027


Chinese Night Market in Richmond July 2, 2008

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The market is open all summer long on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (Fri, Sat 7pm-12am, Sun 7pm-11pm) behind the Home Depot on Vulcan way and it has many more stalls than the one held in Chinatown. There are many booths with all sorts of trinkets and clothing but there is a whole section devoted to food (which is obviously what attracted me…) – Chinese, Indian, Malaysian etc.. Dumplings and BBQ squid, Bubble tea and Ice cream, Popcorn and Waffles, Chow mein and skewers – all that your heart desires. Worth your time and driving.



Hidden Gems – Vancouver April 12, 2008

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In every city, in every community, there are hidden gems when it comes to food; you have to either hear about them from someone or just stumble upon them by chance. Since I have moved to Vancouver only recently I am slowly discovering what it has to offer and want to share this on my blog so you can enjoy it as well whether you are just visiting or didn’t have a clue :)

Right near my house there is a Gelateria called Yaletown Gelato Espresso Bar, on Homer street the corner of Davie. Two large fridges full of colorful boxes of gelato – my personal heaven…By the way did you notice women like icecream much more than men do…? I wonder why….

So anyways….One fridge seems to always be filled with the water based fruit flavoured sorbettos such as wild strawberry, rose, green apple, lemon and grapefruit and the other with cream based chocolate, vanilla, malaga (rum and raisins), canollo siciliano, straciatella, tiramisu and many more changing varieties. Since I drop by fairly frequently I have met at least three different Italian guys behind the counter which was a pleasant surprise. The coffee is good too by the way.

Address : 1210 Homer Street


* Open till 9pm 

Lugano swiss chocolates….oh…mmm….aaahhhh…located in Park Royal, the huge shopping complex on Marine drive, behind Whole Foods. The lady who works there is super nice, the coffee and hot chocolate are delicious and the various chocolates imported from Lugano are amazing. There are also very nice pastries as well as some frozen cakes which to be honest I have never tried. Be careful – chocolate is addictive!


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Staying in Park Royal…Black Forest Delicatessen – a dream come true for all you carnivours out there this little place has a huge variety of autherntic German sousages, cured meats and condiments of all sorts and the owners are actually German so you feel you can trust them with the sausages. My husband returned lately from a business trip to Germany and when he saw this place he said – hmmm this looks authentic enough adding in his mind lets buy all the sausages we can carry out of here…..

*It is located inside the mall at the Market in Park Royal [M 25 – 1011 Park Royal South]


Thats it for today, I will let you know if I find more yummi stuff…

*** I have deleted Swiss Bakery from this page as after making two return visits I found it to be disappointing and the pastries not being fresh nor good.